So, this is more or less day 100000000. I came up with the idea for this blog more or less 6 years ago. But in the fashion of a true procrastinator, or someone who just has a tiny bit of trouble focusing, here we are today! I feel it is more important that even for our voices to all be heard, but it doesn’t hurt to add in some lightheartedness into that mix. Although there have been multiple conceptual ideas for this blog, I decided to start this with an open mind. There isn’t exactly one specific focus, which goes back to that whole trouble focusing thing…

1. There will be lots of reviews and tips: beauty/makeup (I am a self-proclaimed product junkie.), fashion/style, food/restaurants, travel, home design, etc.

2. As I feel very strongly about current issues affecting myself and others, I may at times be inclined to comment on these such issues (hence the headline on the homepage).

3. If you took a glance at my “About” page (if you didn’t, I’ll save you the time), I have a degree in writing. I have about 10 or so projects half started (there’s that focus issue again!) that I would love to get some feedback on. I may or may not decide to share some excerpts from these projects.

I am really excited to finally be getting this off the ground. I hope you are too.

× J



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