From the moment I first laid eyes on the pre-launch photos on Instagram…. I knew I had to have this beautiful thing in my life. Unfortunately, I was extremely saddened by the outcome….



I ordered this from immediately after viewing the photos all over social media. I also ordered the brush set and Farsali Unicorn Essence. (Are you sensing a theme?) I was so excited to receive this! I had to play with it as soon as I opened the packaging. I did a few finger swatches, and couldn’t believe how beautiful the colors really were. The packing is also amazingly beautiful, with the psychadelic colors and reflecting gold case. It also has a really nice scent to it. That’s where by excitement took an unexpected turn.

As I began to try and apply this to my eyelids, I was shocked to see that brushes, no matter how dense, barely picked up any product. I quickly resorted to the end all – know all, beauty gurus of Youtube. I took their suggestions and added a fix plus products and a dense brush. I so desperately wanted this to work, because the colors truly are stunning. I even tried to just use my finger to apply the product directly on my eyes. I still had to apply multiple layers to really get any color to show.

I attempted to try this out every day for a week. I wasn’t ready to give up, or return it just yet. But every day that I had to spend all that extra time with it, made me realize, sadly, that it just wasn’t worth it. And back to Sephora it went.

If you have the time, energy, and patience… give this palette a try. Otherwise, there are lots of other alternatives on the market. The ABH X Nicole Glow Palette has a white color that is almost identical to the middle shade in this palette. Nars just recently came out with single shadows that are super reflective, glittery, and wear much better.

I still Love you Tarte! But this was a miss in my books. Until next time…


X Jessica Lee Gray 


5 thoughts on “Review: Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette

    1. The brushes are great! So far I’m really liking the unicorn essence. I’ve been using it just as a serum, but I’ve been seeing some beauty bloggers using it as a primer or adding it to their makeup. I definitely want to try it out in those applications as well. It also smells amazing!

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  1. Such a shame the palette didn’t work out thats so disappointing! Would of thought Tarte was better than that! Those brushes are STUNNING though! Loved the post! ❤

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