As someone who is harboring a slight addiction to makeup and beauty products, I never want to miss out on the opportunity to save a dollar. That way I can buy more! Duh! Here are a few places/ tricks I’ve learned.

Outlet Stores: Although these can be tricky to find and sometimes hit or miss, when you find a good one – never let it go! Not every outlet mall has makeup retailers, but recently while shopping at an outlet mall I hadn’t been to in probably ten years, I came across not one, but THREE beauty retailers. Out of the three, one was the real MVP. I found Tom Ford for over 30% off, and it was the current collection being sold in Sephora! They also had nearly 50 other name brands, including MAC, Glamglow, Lancome, Origins… etc. The only downside is that this place is an hour away, so I most likely will only be visiting a few times a year, which is probably a good thing! =)

Websites: Every individual brand has their own website. I know I am guilty of loving the convenience of Sephora, where everything is easily accessible on the app, but the truth is by checking out these websites, you will find they sometimes have their own sales of older products or even holiday or flash sales.

Emails: This follows the last point. Every website will almost always greet you with a pop up to join their mailing list – DO IT! Not only do they almost always offer a first time discount code, but they will email you when they are launching new products and even better, having a sale!

Rewards Clubs: Almost every brand and/or retailer has a rewards program where when you spend money they give you something in return. Most famously know is probably Sephora and their Beauty Insider program. The more you spend the higher the level you get to which equals more free gifts, free shipping, and early access to sales! None of these programs cost anything to join, so it would be silly not to!

Resale Stores/ Third Party Vendors (I.E. TJ MAXX, etc.): This one can be tricky because you don’t know exactly where they are getting their products from or how old they are. Depending on the specific item, you may be safe with it being over a year old, especially if it is still sealed and hasn’t ever been opened. The best deals are after the holidays when they receive the old gift sets. I believe one of their biggest vendors is Macy’s, so you can grab up some really nice holiday gift sets after the holidays for a fraction of the price.

Online Resellers: Just like resale stores, you can find just about anything being resold online (I.E. Ebay, Poshmark, etc.) but you have to be SUPER careful! One of the most dangerous things about trying to get makeup cheap online buy buying through a nonexclusive channel, is that you might be getting FAKE makeup. A fake bag won’t kill you, but fake makeup could just possible do that or cause some damaging effects. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and if you put chemicals that are unsafe on your skin, you have no idea what the outcome may be. Products in the USA have to be tested and pass regulations, but fake products are just that, FAKE. I suggest doing your research before purchasing anything from one of these sites. Check out the seller, are they reputable? Do they have positive feedback from other buyers? Check out the pictures they are posting, as well as the names and colors. Sometimes a fake item will look just like the real thing but the name isn’t an actual name of an item in the collection. You can still get makeup cheap from resellers, but make sure you are 100% sure you are getting the real thing! I once made the mistake of purchasing a bunch of liquid lipsticks from a seller on Poshmark. She seemed legit, but when the items came, something was off. I compared one I already owned and I could see the slight variations. Luckily Poshmark doesn’t allow the selling of fake items, so I was able to return all of it and get my money back, but that was definitely a lesson learned. If it seems too good too be true, it probably is!

Hope these tips/tricks are helpful. Let me know if you have any other ways for saving $$$ on makeup and beauty products!

Xo Jessica Lee Gray


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