I admit it. I’m addicted to shopping.

I’m also what one might consider a “collector.” I have a hard time parting with things. For example, I still have more than a few items of clothing purchased while I was in junior high. I also discovered makeup hiding in my collection that was most likely purchased in college, or worse, in high school. Evidently, I have come to the conclusion that I have way more than enough “things.”

After stumbling onto a video where the Youtuber decided to go 12 months without purchasing ANY makeup, (Watch the Video Here) I felt compelled to do the same – or at least attempt a slightly smaller feat. I have decided to not buy ANY makeup, skincare, haircare AND clothing for 6 WHOLE MONTHS. So from February 1st to August 1st, I am officially cut off.

There have been a few factors that led me to this. I recently did a small move, which allowed the discovery of the abundance of “stuff” I am in possession of, as well as how unnecessary most of this all is. Second, I am in a tiny bit of credit card debt. When I say tiny, it’s more like a small hill, but still not impossible to overcome. Hopefully, by removing the majority of my impulse spending, this debt will be deleted in a faster amount of time. I have also suddenly found myself at a place in my life where my finances are unfortunately not completely stable and upcoming events will call for some savings to occur. This has all led to my decision that this couldn’t be a better time to challenge myself.

Although, I have given myself a few “cheat codes” during this time. I will still allow myself to purchase body care items, such as body wash, deodorant, etc. I currently subscribe to Boxycharm for $21.00 a month. I have decided to not cancel my subscription, due to the fact that it is a great deal and it took a few months to get off their waitlist and start receiving their boxes. This means, I will still be getting 5 new products a month. I’m hoping this should be enough to get me through any withdrawls I get from not being able to go to Sephora whenever I get the itch. I am also a distributor for Senegence, so I will still place orders for anything a customer purchases, but I will not be buying anything for my own personal consumption. My last cheat will be that if I completely use up a specific type of product – I.E. foundation, I can purchase 1 of that type. I do not think this will happen, but just in case, I am setting that fall back option up from the beginning.

As the challenge is days away, I made one last stop off a Sephora to pick up a few things that I was either out of or running low on. The items I purchased on this last trip:

  1. Peter Thomas Roth $48
  2. Sephora Brush Cleaner $14
  3. Moroccan Oil Conditioner $26
  4. Moroccan Oil Hairspray $15
  5. Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel $20

I will do a monthly check in to see the amount of product, numerical and also monetarily, have been used up – as well as document my will power / sanity. Please pray for me.

XO Jessica Lee Gray 💕


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