Life Update: September 2017

Wow. I can’t believe summer is already over. It feels like we were just heading into summer moments ago. I truly feel as if every year goes by faster than the last. That being said, my apparent absence from my blog for the past few months have not been from lack of trying. It just seems that there are moments where time simply slips through your fingers. You blink your eyes, only to wake up months later, watching the leaves starting to fall and the school buses shuttling the kids back to school. 

It has been one crazy roller coaster of a year, and it isn’t even close to being over! With travels starting in January with a quick weekend in Miami and a hockey trip to Wisconsin, followed by a week of sun in Mexico in February. Then a girls trip to South Carolina and Nashville in April. I followed that one up with another girls trip to Kentucky to scratch off the Derby from my bucket list. There were two weddings before my big family trip to Florida in July. 

There were also some setbacks that I didn’t see coming. Learning to overcome the moments where life literally slaps you across the face and reminds you that you aren’t running the show is still something I need to learn. Nevertheless, I left my job in June and started a new adventure in July, and moved that month as well. 
It has definitely been non-stop, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am hoping with the summer winding down and my new job in place, I will be able to focus more on Caviar and why I wanted to start this thing in the first place. 

Xo Jessica Lee Gray


Praying to False Idols: What the Little Girl in NYC Really Means

When I was a little girl, I was told I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up. And although I never dreamed of Wall Street or law school, I did believe that the future was wide open, and anything was possible. As I left my youth behind, and entered into my teenage years, I was indirectly made aware that there was a great divide between the other gender on the playground and us. But youth carries naivety. And as I changed colleges and majors, I found myself in the minority of a world that, even ten years later, isn’t ready to share the table with a woman. I remember the way they looked at me, like I didn’t belong. When I told my professor I thought maybe I should change departments, he seemed to agree and encourage my departure. I’ll never forget that same year when I was told that, “You won’t look like that forever. You should probably find a husband soon to take care of you.” This too, I brushed off. Laughing, when I knew deep down, I was the butt of their jokes.

That brings us to now.

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